The Devil And All His Works



The ex-communicated Reverend Hainsley-Sihl is a serial killer with a difference. He's been practising for eight hundred years. He claims he is the most adept Satanist on Earth and has been tasked by Lucifer himself to steal God's most Holy gift to mankind and use it to set Lucifer free from the underworld. To ensure the success of his mission Lucifer has given him a 'Familiar', a creature of nightmare that enjoys to torture before it kills.

   Inspector Mike Milton wants to retire, but it won't be this Christmas after all, there's a young woman's body in the fishing nets at Hopes Nose and she has been sacrificed in some sort of Christmas Eve satanic ritual. To make matters worse the woman he has loved for a lifetime but failed to win the heart of has become involved in his investigation and is missing too.

   All over Europe young girls are disappearing and Interpol has a special task force to investigate led by a Belgian Detective who shares Inspector Milton's scepticism whilst between them they try to solve a mystery that began in Jerusalem at the end of the first Crusade. They must both overcome their lack of faith if they are to succeed in catching Hainsley-Sihl before he can set the Devil free.

   Cherie LeClerc is enjoying a walk on her sixteenth birthday when she is taken. It doesn't take her long to understand the dreadful fate that awaits her in a foreign country. She is the prisoner of a Satanic cult that respects no laws except Lucifer's. Imprisoned in the catacombs that join Kents Cavern to Torre Abbey she must somehow fight for her life and her beliefs. Her ordeal is complicated by the dreams the drugs they have given her produce. Who is the beautiful Isabella DeMonferrat and what was the oath she took as Jerusalem burned all about her? Peter the Hermit lies at the bottom of these mysteries and even across eight hundred years his plans will lead them all to a modern battle between the forces of darkness and the truth of the light.

   For eight centuries, the Knights of an ancient brotherhood have watched over God's gift and now the time for them to give battle approaches once more. The power of their faith is Cherie LeClerc's only real hope of saving her soul.

   Set against the background of the English Riviera, Torbay and the Dartmoor National Park this occult thriller moves around the scenically beautiful county of Devon and through the streets of Agatha Christie's birthplace and the wild moorland hills once roamed by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Hounds of the Baskervilles. Lucifer's Abbey is the first book in a trilogy of books set in and around Torre Abbey. An eight hundred year old Abbey that graces the sea front meadows and gardens of Torquay, Queen of the English Riviera and has just been brilliantly restored with Lottery Funding to become a modern art gallery and historic building that is very active in the art world and for other cultural events. It has lately been used for the location of a movie and probably has a fine future for this purpose. The Abbey itself was destroyed during the 'Dissolution', but the ruins, that remain, hold many a secret. If the stones could talk they would tell many a dark tale.