The Devil And All His Works


Michael is a Torquay man who travelled extensively as an International Buying Agent in the fashion industry and has worked in more than forty countries. He has been resident at various times in Switzerland, The United Arab Emirates and Sri Lanka.

A varied career has also included the import and wholesaling of tropical and marine fish, a long spell through the seventies and early eighties as both a local and an international Disk Jockey and acting as the Agent in Switzerland of several leading British clothing and footwear manufacturers and in the United Arab Emirates as the agent of the Swiss computer peripherals manufacturer 'Logitech' and the Metro Group of Companies.

Michael's hobbies include geophysics, a great love of all forms of piano music, local history, sea angling and helping out his former 70s / 80s partner in the Disco and tropical fish business, Graeme Dee with a popular and very successful comedy Elvis Show.

The Lucifer's Abbey trilogy is his first published work and an attempt to help popularise the lovely resort area of Torbay and the eight hundred year old local Abbey of Torre that has just been restored with Lottery funding to become a fine art gallery and is his own favourite place in Torbay.